A few examples of the type of product we can provide. This list is far from exhaustive and serves as an illustration only. Please ask for more details.

Orientation & Briefing Support Graphics
- Identify location of significant ground features and areas of interest in support of VIP briefings and pre-deployment studies.
Sample | Product Sheet

Image Maps - Provide up to date, accurate customized maps of areas of interest, combining Imagery, mapping and additional information such as vector and annotation layers
Sample | Product Sheet (PDF)

Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) Studies - Imagery studies of locations and significant elements of national infrastructure using satellite imagery. Datasets of CNI related facilities can also be created for use in GIS as the basis for further analysis.
Sample | Product Sheet (PDF)

Route Studies - In depth studies of features along a defined line of communications (LOC). Identifies choke points, obstacles and significant locations along LOC's. Used for security planning for convoy and key personnel.
Sample | Product Sheet (PDF)

3D Visualisations - Visualising your data in 3 dimensions brings improved understanding and spatial awareness to your areas of interest.
Sample | Product Sheet (PDF)